The exercise of our rights on the web is under threat. freenet? is a wake up call for citizens to take action and fight these threats: a film about the web, in collaboration with the web.

Come and join us, tell us your story, submit videos, suggestions for interviews or even interesting links. Be part of the creative process of our collaborative documentary film project about the future of Internet freedom.

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  • Access to Connectivity

    Access to Connectivity

    Have you ever thought that many people are completely disconnected from the web? How is your connection? It is fast and cheap? Not? Tell us your story!

  • Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality

    Network neutrality is a technical principle, which seems far from our reality. But without it operators can establish "bit tolls" and segment the Internet, accessed like a cable subscription!

  • Access to Content

    Access to Content

    Increasingly, copyright protections have limited access to knowledge in the web. And authors are definitely not benefiting from it. Have you ever wanted to access important information and couldn't?

  • Freedom of Expression

    Freedom of Expression

    While governments push for more surveillance and corporations establish practices of censorship, how free are we really to express ourselves online?

  • Privacy


    In an era where data storage is easy and cheap, and where sharing and following have changed their meanings. Who is following you?

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