It’s All Screen: iPhone X

Apple totally went beyond expectations. With the latest model that will be out soon in the market, iPhone X is expected to be one gadget that people would die to get their hands on. The evolution of iPhone indeed just keeps on getting better. Seriously, is there anything else that the latest iPhone cannot do? It is so intelligent that it can respond to a tap, your voice or even a glance– How cool is that?

Well, it’s all screen. With this new iPhone, the device’s screen is an all-new 5.8 inch Super Retina screen which makes the device the display itself. The display uses new technique and technology to elegantly follow the curves of the design all the way to the rounded corners. It is made from the most durable glass in a smartphone, can charge wireless, and is dust and waterproof.

Another amazing thing is that it uses face recognition scanner or Face ID which allows the owner of the phone to access and control the phone even just by looking at the screen. It is like your face is the password to unlock the phone.