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Quick questions on how to participate in the freenet? film: clarify them here

Quick questions on how to participate in the freenet? film: clarify them here

How can I participate in “freenet?” documentary?

It’s quite simple. You should send your video to the freenet?film website. Simply access there, click in one of the fields "Submit a video" available on the homepage, fill out the requested information and upload your video.

I already have the video posted on YouTube. Can I just send the link to the "freenet?"

No, because we need that the file arrives through the "freenet?” project website.This is because we store your video in our server, Tiwa, located in Brazil, thus preventing your video to be subjected to the usage policies of Youtube or from other video sharing sites, which may, for example, give priority to the protection of the copyright of any soundtrack that is in the background of your video over your freedom of expression and, therefore, taking your video from the air.

What should be the content of my video?

The idea is that you bring to the freenet?film examples of violations to our rights in the network or simply your opinion about our 5 themes: cases of privacy violation, disrespect of your freedom of expression, affronts to your right to access connection and content, violation of net neutrality. Do you know someone who has already been harmed because their personal information, photos, habits, etc., came within the reach of those who should not? Are you happy with the quality of your connection? Do you get what  you pay for? Can you access the content you need? Can you share, remix, recreate and use the full potential that the web provides? Have you had posts removed? For what reason? These are examples of questions that can be targeted in your video.

So, there are no restrictions to the video content?

Yes, there are. Offensive content that expose others or that are evaluated as aggressive will not be accepted in the project.

How should my video be filmed ?

The freenet? film accepts and encourages the submission of videos in any format, style or technology. On the format, we want you to experience and create exactly what you want, so there is no predefined or recommended pattern. The ideal video is the one that expresses your ideas. It can be in colors, black and white, with or without audio, short or long, can be an interview, a statement, an animation, a short fiction film, etc..The important thing is that some of the 5 themes of freenet? film are addressed.

Can I be paid by the video that I submit?

Nothing prevents you from commercializing your video on your own. But freenet? film is a collaborative project and, therefore, it relies on the engagement and mobilization of collaborators. Our contrast is to enable an international platform for the exhibition of your video, with the potential that it can be also part of the final cut of the film, the freenet? film documentary.

How it stands the copyright of my video?

At the time you post your video it is necessary that it is in accordance with the form of licensing, because we need you to authorize the presentation of your video in freenet platform. In that case we use the Creative Commons Attribution license, which allows people to share their creation in the web and remix it, as long as they attribut the authorship of the original work, that is, since it always mentions its name in the credits. The Creative Commons license is therefore consistent with the logic of the Digital Culture. For this reason, all content produced by the freenet? film team is also licensed in CC. It is important to remind that a license is an authorization of use, you will always be the holder of moral rights in your work, and may even commercialize it.

What are the video formats accepted by "freenet?"

The accepted formats are:. "Avi". "Mov", ". Mp4". Wmv,. "Mpeg".

The videos have a maximum length?

Yes They must be up to 2GB. Larger than that will not be accepted by the platform.

Will I have, somehow, my name announced in the final film?

Yes! The name of all participants / collaborators will be in the credits of the film.

Will I have any cost after sending the video? Will I have to pay something to enable the featured film?

No. Not at all. The entire cost of production / editing / film broadcasting is responsability of its directors (Center for Technology and Society / FGV, Intervozes Collective, Collective NUPEF and the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection).

Do you still have any doubts? Is there any aspect you would like to clarify? Write to us and we’ll answer you real soon!



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