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“freenet?” discusses collaborative platforms and digital rights management during the www2013

This week “freenet?” will take part in one of the key meetings which address the current state of the Internet and the prospects for the global network: the World Wide Web Conference - www2013. The 22nd edition of the conference goes from Monday (13/05) to Friday (17/05), in Rio de Janeiro, and gathers researchers, developers, Internet users and students from different countries for discussions that go through technical, legal, social and cultural aspects of the internet.

As an initiative that debate the rights and duties of users in the network, the “freenet” brings to WWW2013, next Thursday, at 18h, the panel “freenet moment: Online, collaborative, open platforms for videos on the web"The presenters are Veridiana Alimonti (from / Idec), Fernanda Bruno (Media Lab/UFRJ) and Carlos Affonso de Souza (CTS/FGV-RJ). On the agenda, discussions about open platforms, DRM (digital rights management) and themes like net neutrality, privacy and freedom of expression.

The “freenet Moment” happens in the same afternoon as the panel "Net Neutrality and Internet freedom", that will have the presence of Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the Web and Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The “father of the web” will discuss with the Brazilian deputy Alessandro Molon in a panel that will include talks on the “Internet Regulatory Framework”.

Submissions are closed, but part of the program is free. Beside that, the keynotes will be broadcast on the web. More information about the transmissions on the event’s official website.

The event also includes a comprehensive official coverage in social networks through the conference page on Facebook and Twitter profile (@www2013rio). Participants are also leaving impressions and sharing content with the hashtag #www2013.

Join the debate!

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